Thursday, 5 May 2011

Vintage Furniture Whoppee!

For over four years now we've been looking for furniture for our house.  Going from a modern house to a bigger, period property means that not only do you need additional furniture, but also, perhaps, and certainly in our case, period furniture.

We've never managed to find anything for our living room where we have recesses either side of the marble fireplace.  Well, amazingly in one weekend in Suffolk, we found both pieces we were looking for!

We found the unit, an old bookcase with glass sliding doors, that will house our stero and dvd equipment on Friday and while we were there paying for it, we also found a beautiful chest of drawers for the other recess.  We were sensible and agreed that we should wait until next month when we return and just hope it would still be there!

Well, of course, it was then all we could think of, so on Sunday afternoon we went back, and bought it!  Well.... how could we not?  So..... we'll struggle for a couple of months - it was sooo worth it...

Just got to collect the other unit now. x


  1. how lucky that it was still there! destined for you guys! i love it! the wood grain is beautiful and i love the handles too!


  2. I know! I couldn't stop thinking it would be gone. The wood is incredible, the whole of the left side is covered is whorls, I can't stop looking at it xox


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