Monday, 6 June 2011

Belle and Sebastian AND The Soundcarriers

Way back in December we were due to see Belle and Sebastian, but due to illness it was cancelled on the night, and boy were we disappointed.  Well, they managed to fit us in towards the end of their Tour and last Thursday we finally got to see them!

The support act were The Soundcarriers an 'Experimental / Folk / Psychedelic' group

I hadn't heard of them before so wasn't sure what to expect.  Well, they were fantastic, very chilled, and thoroughly absorbing, I loved every song and am planning on buying their albums! Check out some of their music here.

Belle and Sebastian were amazing - I knew some of their music, but they played lots of old stuff too from the 90s and it made me love it all the more... 

They're amazing musicians - Sarah alone played the violin, flute, recorder, keyboard and sang.  There was true showmanship on stage, and they really worked the crowd and involved us all - at one point a couple of girls, a lad and a bloke (who Sarah nicknamed Bungo, if you know Rainbow, you'll understand) were invited on stage to dance through a song, Stuart bestowing on them medals when they'd finished.  We were all dancing along in our own ways, always a good sign.  They played for a good hour and a half and they DID do an encore, which you can never count on these days, so thank you guys, it was fab!

All I can say is, if you like their music and get the chance to go see them live, do it!  They were well worth waiting for. x


  1. glad you are back and feeling better! yay for a concert! live music is always the best! glad that you got to see it this time! i need to find a concert soon, i am long over due! the last one i was gonna go see she canceled due to making a new album!


  2. thanks hun.
    absolutely, you can't beat live music! oh no, hope you find another one soon :)
    I can't wait for the next one - just got to find it!! xox


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