Monday, 13 June 2011

Foody weekend

Well, Hubby & I cooked and then some this weekend.  Friday we made a huge batch of hearty & smoky sausage stew - soooo good - and a large batch of bolognese sauce. 

sausage stew
to accompany the stew, Hubby made a massive loaf

and we had delicious Singapore Slings

the glasses survived the trip back from Raffles in Singapore

Saturday we made lasagnas & garlic bread and I  also made a Victoria sponge cake - my take on it includes fresh strawberries and cream.  Needless to say, it's all gone already - we didn't eat it all honest, giving half to my parents to take home & share out...

Sunday was home-made mushroom soup and more home-made bread - we've eaten well this weekend and have plenty in the freezer.  We've got batches of chilli to make tomorrow too!
We certainly had interesting weather this weekend.  Friday was warm, and that evening we settled down to watch Hitchcock's The Trouble with Harry - a great comedic film (with a young Shirley Maclaine) following the discovery of a body in a small town & the reactions to it.  Well, it poured down, it was lovely listening to the heavy patter & the thunder, and watching the lightening flash.  We followed it with another favourite, The Little Hut, with the stunning Ava Gardner, Stewart Granger & David Niven - a fabulous love-triangle-shipwrecked comedy.

The rest of the weekend followed suit - plenty of darkness and rain, we even had to put the heating on on Sunday - although we did venture out for a walk in the rain which was really good, sometimes you can't beat a walk in the rain. We were also kindly invited in for tea & chat by one of our elderly  neighbours which was lovely.  x


  1. mushrooms soup, sausage stew, oh so yummy! soup & stews are one of my favorite things to make and eat! what a wonderful food filled weekend! plus soups are the very best to eat when it is cold outside! i found a recipe for a soup blt! it sounds so fantastic, no?



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