Friday, 10 June 2011

Owldorable post

The post lady brought me something fantastic today, my owl necklace from the wonderful citybirdsnest

I am honoured to count cb at thecitybirdsnest as a friend and she is a truly talented lady, creating wonderful jewellery, art, clothing and accessories for her etsy shop.  I love her to bits and it goes to show that friendship can span an ocean.

I was so excited to untie the pretty ribbon, and there, nestled in tissue paper, was a small flock of birds on a super-cute crocheted envelope...

and inside this wonderful package was my owldorable necklace...

 This beautiful owl necklace won't be leaving my neck any time soon! Thanks cb!

It's perfect, and joins the family of owls with the fab owl earrings I bought from citybirdsnest last year...

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies, we've got lots of cooking to do to restock the freezer, and with my parents coming for dinner tomorrow, I'll be baking a Victoria Sponge filled with strawberries and cream! x


  1. yay i am soo happy you got them and so happy you love it! i am also sooo honored to call you a friend too! i need to come visit sometime soon!!!


  2. thanks honey, wouldn't that be lovely xox

  3. what a gorgeous gift;)


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