Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Pittas and yoghurt cake

Hubby tried his hand at making pittas at the weekend, they were a great success...

we had some with houmous and others with a smoky sweet potato soap I made...

We also made a delicious yoghurt cake, which is flavoured with fresh orange and sprinkled with pistaschios...

It's kind of like a cheesecake, but a little better for you if you also use low-fat greek yoghurt.  Although we didn't put enough gelatine in it, so it couldn't come out of the tin, ha ha ha.  But all together yum. x


  1. wow! eating at your house is like eating at a 5 star gourmet restaurant! the pitas look amazing and so does that hummus!


  2. hee hee, they were awesome :) xox


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