Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Slice of Victoriana - part 2

Some more of the Victorian family photos I've recently come into, check out the gorgeously OTT hats...

...what a frothy creation - looks like it's weighing her down :)

a straw, ribbon and flower combination

two sisters, in big straw hats, covered in flowers (and check out the HUGE bow in the hair)

The ladies of the household - I wonder where they're off to?

Just look at the amazing detail on every piece of clothing (I believe this to be my Great, Great Grandmother), the lace at the neck of her blouse, the embroidery and beading on both her jacket and her waistcoat (I think), and the feathers (?) on her stole - what a put-together lady

An era when people dressed to impress. x


  1. oh my god those hats! why don't people where those anymore? someone should bring them back!


  2. definitely - I'd give them a go! although perhaps not the ones that look like pith helmets, ha ha :D xox

  3. what amazing photos;)

  4. aren't they :) I love the true glimpse into the past they give xox


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