Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Suffolk Roses

After the concert on Thursday we set off very early Friday morning for another visit to Suffolk and the caravan.

The weather stayed dry, though it was VERY windy and therefore a little chilly, but we still managed some time relaxing outside.

Friday we went to Woodbridge, which is a fab town, filled with great little shops and a beautiful park.  Roses were everywhere and smelled incredible and we had a lovely stroll through the old-fashioned park...

The park really does look like an old-fashioned one, lots of tidy green space, paths and lovely, neat flower borders - it's a wonderful place to eat lunch on a sunny day (if I worked in Woodbridge it'd definitely be my lunchtime space)...

beds of beautiful yellow roses

a more secluded walled sitting area

They also have a community garden, which was full of growing vegetables and is very well looked after by the community - wonderful to see

We stopped for lunch at The Moorish Lounge, which serves fantasticly delicious Mezze in a beautiful courtyard

We had a lovely friendly waitress and sat under a bright red canopy - hence the redness of the food pics!

We both started with homemade flatbreads, which were lovely and spicy with green chillies inside them, along with the day's dip - tomato and chilli houmous - one of my favourite things, and VERY delicious, my mouth's watering just thinking about it...

this is just mine - Hubby had the same

I then chose the soup of the day - sweet potato and butternut squash (again, favourites of mine) - it was thick, sweet, slightly spicy and amazing, served with soft pittas - and so healthy, all that vitamin C

and Hubby had the seared chorizo

We were quite full after that, and I definitely plan on going back and trying much more!

Weekend finds tomorrow x


  1. wow what a beautiful garden! those roses are amazing and so bright! the one picture of the wall of roses reminds me of the queen of hearts garden in alice in wonderland! hehehe

    oh flatbread is so yummy! i love when restaurants serve something different then just french bread!


  2. you're so right, yep, def queen of hearts! it's so pretty.

    me too, can't wait to try their falafel next time, yum! xox


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