Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Vintage jewellery

Many years ago my late Aunt kindly sent me a couple of items of jewellery of hers, knowing my passion for vintage vanity.  These lovely items, paste/rhinestones, still glitter today. 

 These beautiful rings also separate so they can be worn individually too...

I've never really known how these/this would've been worn, the back shows loops...

These beauties are shoe clips I believe

However, funnily enough, with the recent acquisition of more family photos from my cousin, I came across this photo, showing my Aunt wearing the first piece...

Not only does she look really beautiful, but it's a wonderful feeling seeing her wearing the piece (as a brooch I guess here), it really makes me feel a connection. I hope to find a way to wear them too. x


  1. wow they are stunning and so is your aunt! i would wear it just as she does!! oh the shoe clips are great! i don't know if i would wear them as shoe clips but the dainty squid had a DIY on making a sweater clip using clip on earrings & shoe clips and it is so cute! i am always on the look out for some so i can make my own sweater clip!


  2. thank you :) she really was.
    Me too, I think esp on a black or navy top it'd really stand out.
    thanks for the suggestion sweetie, I'll have to check out dainty squid's idea and let you know how I get on xox


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