Monday, 25 July 2011


I've luster after Airstream trailers for years now.  They look so gorgeous, all silver and lovely on the outside, and deliciously vintage on the inside - well the original ones are; the new ones are rather futuristic inside.

On our last visit to Suffolk there were two of them on our caravan park; one was an original airstream that had been revamped sympathetically, the other one was a brand new one.  We managed to get a quick sneaky photo of the new one...

They're so cool and epitimise for me a great period of American history.

I feel the same way about Automats too, if only they still existed! x


  1. I want an airstream too or a tear drop trailer..really either one is fine with me! I the mister and i were going to go away for our anniversary this year and stay in the forest in a a vintage airstream but money has been tight so we aren't going to go this year. Maybe for Christmas? Hole you are having a great time off!!!


  2. oh that sounds like so much fun, fingers crossed you'll get to do it soon :) xox


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