Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Friday finds

Friday last during a brief visit to town I came across these beauties in a small local vintage shop...

Two gorgeous silk scarves

I just love the geometric patterns & bright colours on this one

 and the beautiful design & colours of this one

They're a little battered, but I think the designs more than make up for that.  I washed them as soon as I got home so I could start using them straight away.

I also found this fab bright organge buckle there too...

I plan on using it on a homemade belt, when I find the right tie for it.  I also bought some crochet hooks so hope to have a go soon; and also some cashmere-blended wool for a scarf which I've already started. It's kind of the best time for me to knit one, so it'll be ready for the Autumn. x


  1. love the bird scarf! so cool! do you wear them around your neck or in your hair? oh and i adore that orange belt buckle! those are always so hand to have! i have a couple of belts that i switch buckles on and it is so fun! i wish i had more belts like that!


  2. :) I wear them all sorts of ways, neck, hair, wrist, waist, sometimes just tied to a handbag to cheer it up - they're so versatile & such a cool way to change an outfit. I'll definitely be going back for more buckles, they had so many fab ones xox


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