Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Garden fruits

The fruit trees in the garden are looking good, all except the apple tree, which appears to have NO fruit on it this year.  The birds have eaten all the cherries and the strawberries too, but I don't mind as I love having them in the garden.

Here's how it's looking right now...




The birds are also having a field day at the moment eating the flying ants as they appear! Good birdies. x


  1. wow that is so exciting! i wish we had more fruit trees that we could reach. they are all in really horrible places that are hard to get to, lucky squirrels! although i am loving our lemon tree, that i use all year round! do you have any recipes for the figs?


  2. wow, a lemon tree, that's fab, we're always saying we should get one of them (or a lime) :)
    No recipes for the figs, we've never had any from the tree before, they usually stay small & fall off before they're ready, so fingers crossed & I'll start looking for something to do with them if they ripen :) xox


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