Monday, 25 July 2011

Hollywood Magazine Adverts - part 1, makeup and hair

Taken from Hollywood Film Magazines, these adverts are from the 1940's mainly.  I find them fascinating, especially for some of the claims they make :)


we all long for a well-groomed look & matt loveliness 

how the brand has changed over the years!
 and hair...

hmmm, I like the sound of this - curls for even the straightest hair...

then how to control them once you have them

you just don't get prose like this for hair products anymore do you?

It all makes beauty sound so easy, doesn't it? :D x


  1. these are awesome! the tattoo lip one is a bit weird, it doesn't seem to explain what it means by tattoo??? like is it a stain? so strange. i could not even imagine getting my lips tattooed, oh the pain!

  2. very weird indeed :D I'm guessing it was some type of long lasting lippy. I've seem women with tattooed lip liner - ouch! xox


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