Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Knit knit knit

Well, I couldn't resist! This time it was Debbie Bliss Andes, a mix of alpaca and silk, sooooo soft, in a lovely dark, rich, grape colour (number 13) and size 7 needles.

One thing I would mention is that this wool is not in a ball, but comes as a skein (I think that what it's called) - well, I've never had that before, and merrily went on my way, only for the whole first 'ball' to knot up and sadly I spent 3 hours (!) unravelling it - it also gets knotted into itself (again, presumably why it's in a skein) so I had to keep cutting it.  This means that one third of my scarf is less than perfect, having lots of knots where I've joined the next piece, but the next skeins I made sure I laid them out carefully and gently.  I'm really happy with the finished product and cannot WAIT to wear it.

I've got so many scarfs I don't suppose I really need any more, but I love to make them, and I'm sure there are some colours missing from my collection! x


  1. i love that color! alpaca is such a great fiber, plus it people are allergic to wool then alpaca is a great alternative because it is hypoallergenic! hey stock up on on scarfs as they make great presents!


  2. I never knew that, thank you, that's great to know, my goddaughter is allergic to most things so that's really helpful. And you're right, I'm thinking Christmas pressies here we come xox


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