Monday, 11 July 2011

LPs galore & haberdashery bits

Well, we had another lovely (if somewhat wet) weekend in Suffolk.

And managed a few finds, Hubby came away with 26 LPs and a single, so was a very happy chappy, especially as half of them only cost £1 each and the other half only 10pence each!!!

from classic 80s Jesus & Mary Chain, Robert Palmer and The Jam to Bob Dylan & Ella Fitzgerald

some were soundtracks for both of us

you can't turn down Prince's 'Batman' now can you, especially for 10p!

and we couldn't turn down the soundtrack to what was one of my favourite tv shows growing up - well worth the 10p (hee hee)

"I pity the fool who doesn't buy this record" ha ha ha

We went to our usual haunts too, and I came away with some great haberdashery bits, including these fab bakelite buckles for 50p each (should have bought more perhaps) - haven't decided yet if these will be belt buckles or used on either a headband or as hair decor (will let you know) ...

and a small selection of fab vintage buttons for craft projects

from a little local vintage market I picked up this Canada souvenir silk scarf

and a couple of pieces of this wonderful vintage fabric (feels like 1950's curtain fabric)

and a length of fine pink suede

I also found another great book, a travel book for London in 1936, which has some great maps and fabulous information on where to go, stay, and 'customs' if you will. 


I'm so pleased with my haberdashy/crafting finds and can't wait to go back (I always find something it seems), the fabrics are already washed and ready to go, I just need to choose what to make with them now... x


  1. Oh the mister is going to be so jealous! No you cant turn down the prince batman album! Have fun with that :D I love that red floral fabric! Do you have any plans? It is solo pretty! Would make a great skirt! Glad you had a great weekend sweetie <3


  2. thanks hun; it's so fab & not one I've seen cheaply before :)
    sadly the floral fabric is only two pieces, though big enough for a cushion size, will see & let u know xox


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