Monday, 4 July 2011

Paddling Pool & Bubble fun

It was a social weekend; we met up with a group of friends Friday to celebrate two birthdays; just a bit of a pub crawl round the village, but so much fun!  My brother & sister-in-law came too - we always have fun with them and we had a great night.

Saturday our best friends popped round with their 6 1/2 year old son for an afternoon of sunshine, bbq and paddling pool.  We've had the pool for 5 years, but this was it's first outing (flipping English summers).

It went down a storm with the addition of the hose pipe!

We made it easy & kid-friendly food-wise this time, and after burgers, sausages & onion rings, we got out the bubbles...

We all enjoyed them, but someone insisted on running round bursting every one!

We had a lovely time and the not-so-little-one certainly did! Let's hope we'll have some more sunny weekends and more time with them. x


  1. oh to be small again and fit in a kiddie pool! it was so hot on friday that the mister and i decided we would go to the park and run in the sprinklers but as we rode up the guy was turning them off! i need a kiddie pool for those very hot days where we can't move it is so hot!

    glad you have a great weekend! a pub crawl sounds like so much fun!


  2. :D definitely - Hubby certainly tried, it was lovely just paddling, sorry to hear about those sprinklers! xox


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