Wednesday, 13 July 2011


I know it's still the start of Summer, but sometimes you just have to plan ahead, or in my case, have to pick up those knitting needles.  Over the weekend I finished myself a scarf, the colour could be described as a teal, somewhere between a peacock and a petrol blue (the pictures don't quite capture it).

It's made from 3 balls of Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran, colour 300010 and is soft and lovely...

They have so many gorgeous colours in this wool, I think I'll be getting some more, I'm thinking hot pink, mauve and a soft sage. 

I should mention that the only thing I knit is scarves!  My Aunt kindly taught me to knit (we always had great jumpers from her growing up), but I never had the patience to learn to follow a pattern or learn any other stitches than knit and purl, but perhaps it's finally time to do so - another I think the scarves are here to stay, they're just so versatile and I love to wear them.

What do you knit?  Did your mother or family member teach you, or are you self-taught? x


  1. i LOVE that color sweetie, you did such a fantastic job! it is true you gotta plan. i am wearing one today. woke up to a slight drizzle, look like it rained during the night! global warming for sure! i really want to crochet a little pouch for my ipad. that is on the agenda :D


  2. thanks honey :) I've been wearing it round the house (hee hee) though probably could've worn it today it's chilly!
    I love the ipad crochet pouch idea, sounds fab xox

  3. This is really cool. U must have an excellent hand at knitting. The finish is fabulous.
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