Friday, 1 July 2011

A Slice of Victoriana - part 3

More family photos of life in Victorian times.

All these boys (and lets face it, that's what most of them are) worked in a factory in the jewellery quarter of Birmingham - a family trade at the time...

Check out the flash top hat and tails - wonder where he's off to?

How cute are two of my great aunts

Dolly and Minnie

and my grandfather (far right) and his brothers all look very dapper in their suits and boaters

Frank, Harry & Walter

a family portrait (check out the huge moustaches on Great Grandfather) with a few kids missing

My grandmother and her family

Doris, William, Lydia, Violet & Arthur

and finally, this is another one of the glass slides, sadly it's rather degraded, but it's one of my favourites - it shows a Victorian Wedding Breakfast! And a beautiful one at that - I wish I knew who's it was...

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies, we're hoping to spend some time with friends & fingers-crossed have some sunshine & lots of BBQs. x


  1. I love that last photo! How cool to see what weddings looked like then!

  2. i think these might be my favorite! i love the fading at the edge of them! the first one is the best! i love how they have their arms crossed like they are mad! and they look so rough but some of them are wearing suit!


  3. Em - me too, I'm hoping that my cousin may have more for me :) xox

    cb - aren't they though! I think cousin has more glass negatives (I must visit & get some more scans of them).
    They are such young lads, but working in the jewellery factories, such a different world back then. xox


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