Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tea towel bag

In 1994 Mum took me to Sicily for a week's tour as my birthday present.  It was an amazing holiday, full of wonderful history and fabulous sights (& delicious icecream).  One of the souvenirs we brought back was a huge tea towel, about twice the size of a usual one.  I've never used it before because of it's size, and for some time I've been thinking it'd make a fab bag.

So, that's what I've done, I put in a lining, and am so pleased with it...

I've always wanted to make a bag out of tea towels as you can get some lovely ones, and let's face it, they're really just a good piece of fabric.  I've got a few others, though normal size, that I'd like to make into one too (will try to remember to photo the stages for a tutorial next time).  Mum loves it too, so is now on the lookout for large tea towels to upcycle. x


  1. oh i just love europe and what a great present!! i really want to take the mister to lucca where my dads side of the family is from. such a gorgeous city and i love how it is surrounded my a huge wall. i love that you turned it into a bag and it looks so cute! i love maps like that too.


  2. it was a fabulous trip! I hope you get to Lucca, it'll be even more special as your family are from there xox


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