Thursday, 7 July 2011

Vintage Weddings - part 1

Some people like to look to the past when it comes to planning their wedding, with many girls hoping to wear their mother's dress. 

I've put together a couple of collections of vintage family photos of weddings for you, each one unique and beautiful in it's own way.

1920's flapper-style and a HUGE bouquet

Stunning edging on the hankerchief hem and a pretty headdress

Beautiful headdresses

My grandparents' wedding, simple style, April 1926

An early 1930's wedding

and a late 1950's one

All brides looking stunning. We're off to Suffolk again this weekend, enjoy yours. x


  1. I love the 20's flapper style one! But your granparents looked very stylish too! :)

  2. the flapper dresses are stunning! and man their bouquets are gorgeous! these are so great for inspiration! i also love the one of your grandparents, her hat is sooo cute!
    great pictures love!


  3. Thanks ladies :)
    I just love all the detailing on the 1920's dresses & head-wear - so pretty
    cb - You're right about my Nan's hat - very cute, if I zoom right in I can see some detailing on the side of it too :) xox

  4. Aw, this is so wonderfully heartwarming! Thanks for sharing.


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