Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Vintage Weddings - part 2

Following on from my post of a couple weeks ago, here are some more vintage weddings from family photos, full of the varying styles of the decades...

my maternal grandparents wedding in the early 1930's in a dress her father (a royal tailor) made her

their bridesmaids ready to go to Church

Another early 1930's wedding, the 1920's style is still somewhat noticeable in the style of hats and the dresses, although the exaggerated hankerchief hems have gone

check out the fabulous hats on the bride and bridesmaids (including my grandmother on the far right) and monsterous bouquets

I believe this is an American wedding (one of grandma's brothers moved to San Diego), it certainly looks like it from the fashion, and just love the simple but elegant style of dreses on both the bride and the guests

a late 1960's wedding, with pill box style headdress, and a gorgeous devore coat for the mother of the bride (or groom) on the right

and a photo from my parents wedding in 1960, you can't really see in this photo but my Mum's dress is completely made from Nottingham lace



  1. i think these might be my favorite. i don't know why, just something about them is so beautiful! the dresses the grainy quality, just so beautiful. makes me want to jump in the pictures and be in there with them!


  2. :) I know what you mean, it really takes you there xox


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