Thursday, 25 August 2011

Garden fruits

Despite of, or perhaps even because of, the weather being so mixed recently, we have a garden full of fruit right now.  Each day we pick a little more...

chillis & tomatoes

plums & pears

However, one thing it has also meant is LOTS of wasps! It's a race between who can get to them first :D

Have a lovely weekend whatever you're up to.  We haven't got any plans really just pottering, but it's a bank holiday so it's a longer one, yay.  We also have Aussie relatives coming to visit on Monday which'll be nice. x

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Audio book disappointments

You know what a huge fan of audio books I am, especially Agatha Christie ones.  Well, I was super excited to have found lots of ones I didn't have, ratherly cheaply, so naturally bought them, from 3 different sellers. 

Well, imagine my surprise when, on opening each of the packages sent, that in all but one book, only half of the books/tapes had been sent!  Boy was I disappointed - it seemed like a conspiracy - I mean, every seller! 

I'm having a really hard time at work at the moment (eugh) , and I'd ordered these to cheer me up, so naturally wasn't a happy bunny.  BUT, I have to say that although I still don't have full books, I'm pleased to say that in each case the sellers have apologised and kindly refunded my orders.  Which, quite frankly, made me feel a little better - I certainly wasn't expecting such kind emails. 

So, yay for nice people!  And here's to trying to find the other halves of the books - they've got to be out there somewhere? x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Vintage Posters

One of the things I adore are vintage posters, they can be ones involving travel, advertising, movies, it's about the style and art, and the lifestyle they invoke.

I recently came across these four from the London Transport Museum, who have a fabulous collection, and you can purchase a copy of what they have on their website - I could easily fill my home with these if Hubby wasn't the voice of reason :)

and my personal favourite (an owl of course!)...

I just love not only the main style & colours of the designs, but that in the background you have people enjoying those surroundings - check out the river reflections, and what is that family doing on the heath in the dark??? x

Monday, 22 August 2011

Summer Sundae 2011 - part 3

Sunday's music started again around lunch time (we were home Friday & Saturday just before midnight) and included...

My First Tooth (local-ish band)        Dark Dark Horse (local band)        

Kyla La Grange (AWESOME)

Dark Dark Horse

Kyla La Grange

The Leisure Society        The Phantom Band         The Young Knives (local band)        Factory Floor

Factory Floor

Warpaint        John Cooper Clarke (the poet)         Everything Everything         Blood Red Shoes

Blood Red Shoes

Oh, yes, and McFly, who rocked it (and we did enjoy it much to our surprise).

Hubby was very excited to finally see Warpaint live, other highlights for me were Kyla La Grange (who kindly gave away free cd's - cannot wait for her album), The Phantom Band, Factory Floor and Blood Red Shoes.

Sailor Jerry were at the festival all weekend, and Sunday we finally partook in a couple of rum cocktails (yum). 

They also kindly gave us some free stuff - temp tattoos & mirror/glass decals ...

It was an awesome weekend with Hubby, lots of amazing new music, delicious food & great company. I've started saving for 2012 already! x

Friday, 19 August 2011

Summer Sundae 2011 - part 2

Saturday was an earlier start, and more silk scarves (!) :)


and more great food too.  There was plenty to choose from: woodfire pizza, Wagamama, thai, Tagines; curry; and lots more.  During the weekend we partook in some delish sweet potato fries, locally produced burgers, mango smoothies, falafel & houmous, and my personal favourite chickpea & potato chapati wraps from Chapati Man (soooo good).

We listened to even more music on Saturday...

I am in Love (local band)      We 3 & the Death Rattle (local band)        The Heartbreaks   

using the amazing rattle (no idea what it really is - a light laser that you waft your hands around)

Showaddywaddy (local band from the 70s)


Benjamin Francis Leftwich        Wilko Johnson         Bellowhead        The Jim Jones Revue

Jim Jones Revue

Reef        Pete & the Pirates      Chapel Club        I am Kloot

Again, all were fantastic, but my Saturday faves were We 3 & the Death Rattle, The Jim Jones Revue Wilko Johnson and Pete & the Pirates; another amazing day (check our their music again with the links above).  More still to come. x

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Summer Sundae 2011 - part 1

Wow, what a great weekend, full of music & great food.  We were even lucky with the weather for the most part, it was very muggy & had the odd shower on Friday, but nothing like the torrential rain of last year :)

We started last Friday, arriving at the festival after lunch and had a wander round before our first band...

De Montfort Hall - "The Garden"

amazing sand sculpture

Real Ale tent in background

This year the Vintage Fair were also there, and I had to have a look (& picked up some FAB silk scarves)...


The Rising Stage

We heard some fantastic bands all weekend, here are the ones we heard on Friday:

Citizen Smith (local band)        Other Lives        Fists       2:54


Givers      Wolf People      The Bees      King Creosote & Jon Hopkins (hurdy gurdy alert!)

Graham Coxon      Shonen Knife (AWESOME!!!)

Shonen Knife on the Rising Stage

The Maccabees        Toots & The Maytals

My favourite on Friday was Shonen Knife - this female Japanese group have SOOOOO much energy & their songs are incredibly catchy, they've made 15 albums since 1981 & recently released an album of Ramones covers (under the name "The Osaka Ramones").

Other faves for me were 2:54, Givers & Other Lives.

You can listen to any of those bands above by clicking their name for the link.  More tomorrow. x

Friday, 12 August 2011

Festival bag

Despite the trouble that we too have had this week (the Police have done an excellent job) the Summer Sundae festival this weekend is going ahead (YAY), and I've made myself a little festival bag.  My second-ever post was about Summer Sundae 2010, how time flies, and I posted then about a bag I'd made.  Sadly it turned out to be rather too big for what I needed, so this time I've kept it just big enough for my phone, my 'first-aid kit' including plasters & painkillers (a necessity when you're on your feet 3 days in a row), and the programme.

the outsides made from  Melody Miller's 'Ruby Star Rising' collection for Kokka - 'Transistors' , the inside is a scandinavian bird print...

Have a great weekend, whatever you're doing, and fingers crossed, all will be well here & I'll have lots to tell you. x

Thursday, 11 August 2011


You may remember that my Mum gave me several boxes of fabric & unfinished projects from her patchwork and quilting days.  Well, I decided I want to make my own quilt from scratch, so on Saturday, with The Witches of Oz followed by Tin Man on in the background (I had a weekend submursed in the OZ), I sorted through fabrics, finding complementary colours, then cut out strips of fabric.  It took hours & my back was aching, but I ended up with a large pile of strips ready for sewing...

I spent several hours Monday afternoon, with Murder She Wrote on in the background, sewing batches of these together.  Here is the pile I've created so far...

I've now got 16 of what will become "squares", but still need more for the size I'm hoping, so lots more to do yet.  I'll keep you apraised as I get further with this, fingers crossed it'll work! x

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Yummy clothes

On a happier note, last Friday I went shopping with my Mum.  We don't go very often, but should, as we always have a great time together.  Well, we found a few things we just couldn't resist, and because money is tight we decided to share...

They're kind of what I'd class as a vintage style bed jacket.  It's not easy to see in the photos, but both slightly kimono in their style, and both silky and utterly gorgeous, from River Island - somewhere I haven't shopped since I was a teen.  The kind of thing you throw on & it transforms an outfit.

Mum's got the pink & black one at her house, I've got the (much cheaper) blue one at my house.  I plan on wearing the blue one with jeans & vest ALOT!!! And the pink one is going with Mum on her holiday.  I can't wait to wear that for an evening out with some simple black trousers.

If we're being kind I'd say I have a voluptous figure, or basically, I'm plump with large bust & hips but thankfully still have a smaller waist, so 1950's hourglass silhouettes flatter me most.  That means that clothes are rather hard to find as not many companies make clothes for my shape anymore. 

So I was quite surprised by how nice these looked on me, I was elated in fact!

Do you have a clothing item which surprised you with it's flattery? x

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Things have not been good in many major cities in the UK since the weekend; you may have heard that youths have been rioting in several cities, looting & setting fire to businesses & even homes.  Under the guise of being angry with the government, sadly the only people who are being hurt by this are honest, hard working, everyday people - their businesses, cars and homes being torched - it's heartbreaking to watch, and frankly I'm scared.

I pray for a quick & peaceful end to this horrendous, and pointless violence and that it doesn't spread any further.  My thoughts are with anyone who has been touched by this senseless violence.

Peace be with everyone. x

Monday, 8 August 2011

Chilli heaven

On our way down to Suffolk we stopped off at Chawston in Bedfordshire for a Chilli tour.  For Christmas Hubby was given a voucher for said tour with the award winning Edible Ornamentals.  Hubby and I have grown our own chillies in the past, and use them a lot in recipes, so it was a very considerate gift.

We were a group of about 12 in all and, after refreshments, the lovely lady in charge, Jo, gave us a talk on the best way of growing chillies, the differences in varieties and heatscales.  We then set off into the greenhouse and poly tunnels, where we each had the opportunity of picking a couple of chillies of each variety as Jo explained what each one was, the heatscale and how they could be used in cooking.

We also had a brief talk about their kitchen and how they use their chillies to make various condiments.  Then came the tasting.  Jo had picked one of each of the chillies as we'd toured and each one of us in turn tried the various chillies as Jo explained what each one was and the heatscale of them.  We also had the opportunity to taste their own range of condiments that they sell.

We came away with a couple of small bags full of a range of chillies, along with one of their sweet chilli sauces and their anaheim chilli sauce (yum).  And a Serenade chilli plant for our friend who gave Hubby the voucher.

So, lots of currys and mexican food in the next week or so I think. Although we plan on drying one of each variety in the hopes of using the seeds to plant up next year.

It was a great outing, and if you're someone who enjoys using chillies or want to learn more about them I'd heartily recommend a visit. x

Friday, 5 August 2011

Suffolk finds

We had another good few days in Suffolk, this time visiting Woodbridge, Beccles, Southwold, Saxmundham, amongst others.  That meant plenty of charity shops and a few antique shops; it also meant some great finds.

more audiobooks (the Harry Potter is only one third, so I'm now on the lookout for the rest)...

some great vintage French road maps

this fab dance school pin

yet more buttons - this time rather special RAF ones

one antique shop was selling bags of jewellery/beads and I fell for these beauties, this one is VERY long and rather 1920's

and this fabulous pair, a necklace and braclet - I just love the shape and the style - the black on the beads is coming off the bracelet and the necklace is just a little too small for me to wear, so they may be restrung and additional/replacement beads added as they're so gorgeous

and this tiny Michel Delacroix print (we have a couple of his prints and love his style) in a charity shop - which will be reframed

Hubby also came back with a large bag of bargain LPs and cds including these...

and this favourite find, Bjork's band which Hubby saw in concert many moons ago, so was very pleased to come across this, in mint condition too

Hope you have a fantastic weekend everyone. x