Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Audio book disappointments

You know what a huge fan of audio books I am, especially Agatha Christie ones.  Well, I was super excited to have found lots of ones I didn't have, ratherly cheaply, so naturally bought them, from 3 different sellers. 

Well, imagine my surprise when, on opening each of the packages sent, that in all but one book, only half of the books/tapes had been sent!  Boy was I disappointed - it seemed like a conspiracy - I mean, every seller! 

I'm having a really hard time at work at the moment (eugh) , and I'd ordered these to cheer me up, so naturally wasn't a happy bunny.  BUT, I have to say that although I still don't have full books, I'm pleased to say that in each case the sellers have apologised and kindly refunded my orders.  Which, quite frankly, made me feel a little better - I certainly wasn't expecting such kind emails. 

So, yay for nice people!  And here's to trying to find the other halves of the books - they've got to be out there somewhere? x


  1. oh boo! sorry to hear that the audio books weren't correct but glad they refunded you! i borrowed an audio book from the library, a book i had already read but loved it so much that i wanted to listen was horrible! the voice actor was terrible so i had to stop! has that ever happened to you? sorry to hear that work is no good, when that happened to me the only thing that helped me get through it was having fun things to do on the weekend to look forward to. are you looking for anything? sending you a bug hug sweetie!!!!!!!!


  2. Oh no, it's awful when the narrator ruins the book - thankfully it's only happened twice for me; most of my books are published by Harper Collins who seems to get it just right.
    Thanks sweetie, me too, I live for those weekends! We've got a long one this time with a bank holiday, yippee! thanks for the hug xox


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