Thursday, 4 August 2011

Cattle Market & more buttons

We took another trip to the Cattle Market last week for the Vintage market they have there on a Tuesday.  Possibly because of the Summer holidays, but it wasn't quite as good as last time - more rubbish than treasures this time round.

However, we did enjoy having a look at the cattle for sale, and I found some favourites (oh so cute) that I'd have loved to have brought home ...

We did take a stroll round the charity shops and I found a jar full of buttons for just £2.50, so naturally couldn't turn them down

There are lots of possibilities for projects amongst them, some of my favourites are the military-style ones



  1. i want a sheep so bad and chickens. i just need more land! sorry the fair was a bust but it is always so much fun to see the animals. i love how huge the cows horns are, a bit scary though ;D


  2. those cows were soooo sweet, 4 of them in the pen, definitely related. I miss not having animals, hoping one day will again :) xox


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