Monday, 8 August 2011

Chilli heaven

On our way down to Suffolk we stopped off at Chawston in Bedfordshire for a Chilli tour.  For Christmas Hubby was given a voucher for said tour with the award winning Edible Ornamentals.  Hubby and I have grown our own chillies in the past, and use them a lot in recipes, so it was a very considerate gift.

We were a group of about 12 in all and, after refreshments, the lovely lady in charge, Jo, gave us a talk on the best way of growing chillies, the differences in varieties and heatscales.  We then set off into the greenhouse and poly tunnels, where we each had the opportunity of picking a couple of chillies of each variety as Jo explained what each one was, the heatscale and how they could be used in cooking.

We also had a brief talk about their kitchen and how they use their chillies to make various condiments.  Then came the tasting.  Jo had picked one of each of the chillies as we'd toured and each one of us in turn tried the various chillies as Jo explained what each one was and the heatscale of them.  We also had the opportunity to taste their own range of condiments that they sell.

We came away with a couple of small bags full of a range of chillies, along with one of their sweet chilli sauces and their anaheim chilli sauce (yum).  And a Serenade chilli plant for our friend who gave Hubby the voucher.

So, lots of currys and mexican food in the next week or so I think. Although we plan on drying one of each variety in the hopes of using the seeds to plant up next year.

It was a great outing, and if you're someone who enjoys using chillies or want to learn more about them I'd heartily recommend a visit. x


  1. my cousin would love this! he and his wife are huge chili people. we dont use them much but i just started using jajopenso more and i am enjoying it. sounds like such an interesting tour. glad you had fun!

  2. it's a lovely gift for those who enjoy their chillis :) and great to do something new xox


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