Friday, 12 August 2011

Festival bag

Despite the trouble that we too have had this week (the Police have done an excellent job) the Summer Sundae festival this weekend is going ahead (YAY), and I've made myself a little festival bag.  My second-ever post was about Summer Sundae 2010, how time flies, and I posted then about a bag I'd made.  Sadly it turned out to be rather too big for what I needed, so this time I've kept it just big enough for my phone, my 'first-aid kit' including plasters & painkillers (a necessity when you're on your feet 3 days in a row), and the programme.

the outsides made from  Melody Miller's 'Ruby Star Rising' collection for Kokka - 'Transistors' , the inside is a scandinavian bird print...

Have a great weekend, whatever you're doing, and fingers crossed, all will be well here & I'll have lots to tell you. x


  1. i LOVE the fabric! so perfect and it looks like a really nice linen! great bag sweetie!

  2. thanks honey, it was perfect for the weekend, just big enough :) xox


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