Thursday, 11 August 2011


You may remember that my Mum gave me several boxes of fabric & unfinished projects from her patchwork and quilting days.  Well, I decided I want to make my own quilt from scratch, so on Saturday, with The Witches of Oz followed by Tin Man on in the background (I had a weekend submursed in the OZ), I sorted through fabrics, finding complementary colours, then cut out strips of fabric.  It took hours & my back was aching, but I ended up with a large pile of strips ready for sewing...

I spent several hours Monday afternoon, with Murder She Wrote on in the background, sewing batches of these together.  Here is the pile I've created so far...

I've now got 16 of what will become "squares", but still need more for the size I'm hoping, so lots more to do yet.  I'll keep you apraised as I get further with this, fingers crossed it'll work! x


  1. i love all the colors and can't wait for you to finish it! it is gonna look soo awesome!! have fun!

  2. oh my word! how gorgeous;) i just love how you combined all the fabrics together! how long did this take you?


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