Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Things have not been good in many major cities in the UK since the weekend; you may have heard that youths have been rioting in several cities, looting & setting fire to businesses & even homes.  Under the guise of being angry with the government, sadly the only people who are being hurt by this are honest, hard working, everyday people - their businesses, cars and homes being torched - it's heartbreaking to watch, and frankly I'm scared.

I pray for a quick & peaceful end to this horrendous, and pointless violence and that it doesn't spread any further.  My thoughts are with anyone who has been touched by this senseless violence.

Peace be with everyone. x


  1. it is so scary what is happening. i hope it gets resolved soon. we had a couple of smaller riots due to bart police shootings and the civilian dying. cops getting away with murder because they feel threatened. bart police shouldn't care guns at all, not sure why they do.fyi bart is our train transportation here :)

  2. it is seriously scary, any type of violence is though isn't it, and it's ALWAYS innocent people who get hurt!
    You're so right, shouldn't carry guns!
    I remember bart from trips to san francisco, though thankfully never saw any trouble! xox


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