Monday, 1 August 2011

Stoney Owls

Well, we're back after a few days off, I've got lots to catch you up on, but the first are these AMAZING owls!  We found them at one of our local garden centres and I really wish I could have brought the whole lot of them home. 

Aren't they awesome!

They're hand carved from river stones by a company called Auld Lang Stone and range greatly in size from tiny palm-sized owls to ones that would come up almost to my knee.

Here's the little fellow I chose in the end, he's about 3 inches in height

and is now nestled happily amongst the semperviviums

I'm definitely saving up for some more!  Even Hubby likes them, yay. x


  1. they are so cute! i need one for my succulent garden!! so so adorable. hope you had a fantastic time off with the hubby!



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