Friday, 5 August 2011

Suffolk finds

We had another good few days in Suffolk, this time visiting Woodbridge, Beccles, Southwold, Saxmundham, amongst others.  That meant plenty of charity shops and a few antique shops; it also meant some great finds.

more audiobooks (the Harry Potter is only one third, so I'm now on the lookout for the rest)...

some great vintage French road maps

this fab dance school pin

yet more buttons - this time rather special RAF ones

one antique shop was selling bags of jewellery/beads and I fell for these beauties, this one is VERY long and rather 1920's

and this fabulous pair, a necklace and braclet - I just love the shape and the style - the black on the beads is coming off the bracelet and the necklace is just a little too small for me to wear, so they may be restrung and additional/replacement beads added as they're so gorgeous

and this tiny Michel Delacroix print (we have a couple of his prints and love his style) in a charity shop - which will be reframed

Hubby also came back with a large bag of bargain LPs and cds including these...

and this favourite find, Bjork's band which Hubby saw in concert many moons ago, so was very pleased to come across this, in mint condition too

Hope you have a fantastic weekend everyone. x


  1. such great finds!! i know the old french maps the mister would love! really loving those beads too, they are so pretty and i love how long it is too!
    hope you had a great weekend!


  2. they're fab aren't they, the long beads only needed a couple of links re-closing & are very long & lovely xox


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