Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Vintage delights

As a small child one of the things I loved to do was go through my mother's button collection.  The shapes, colours and all over feel of them could keep me occupied for hours.  She kept them in a little zipped leather box along with a few other treasures. 

For the last few years now we'd believed them lost, however, whilst cleaning out the garage last week, I found them (yay); and Mum kindly gave them all to me...

I can't wait to use them in craft projects and I hope to display a selection of the more interesting buttons on an embroidery hoop as I've seen this recently and thought it was a great way to keep some.

We also found these old stocking clips

and this fabulous china flower brooch of a rose, pansy and buttercup

and my Mum's volunteer Red Cross badge and a bird in flight (no one's sure where this one came from originally)

Also included in another little container were a handful of these...

They were made by my Grandfather for the Prince's visit to Birmingham (before he became the King) for people to pin to their jackets

I can't tell you the number of times I pricked myself on these pins when I was little, and until now had never really understood what they were - another fascinating insight into the past & my families past.  I'm so thrilled to have all these things - I'm thinking of displaying the Prince pins in either a picture frame or on an embroidery hoop. x


  1. how did i miss this post?!? wow you got a good lot of buttons lady and i lOVE that bird pin. reminds me of the hunger games book, which by the way you should read!


  2. thanks for the suggestion (just had a look on amazon, sound very interesting) will have to check them out xox


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