Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Vintage Posters

One of the things I adore are vintage posters, they can be ones involving travel, advertising, movies, it's about the style and art, and the lifestyle they invoke.

I recently came across these four from the London Transport Museum, who have a fabulous collection, and you can purchase a copy of what they have on their website - I could easily fill my home with these if Hubby wasn't the voice of reason :)

and my personal favourite (an owl of course!)...

I just love not only the main style & colours of the designs, but that in the background you have people enjoying those surroundings - check out the river reflections, and what is that family doing on the heath in the dark??? x


  1. i want all of these!! the would look perfect in my owl/bird room!!! i love vintage posters too, they don't make them like they used too!

  2. :) I can literally spend hours looking through all the ones available on both the ltm site & allposters! xox


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