Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Yummy clothes

On a happier note, last Friday I went shopping with my Mum.  We don't go very often, but should, as we always have a great time together.  Well, we found a few things we just couldn't resist, and because money is tight we decided to share...

They're kind of what I'd class as a vintage style bed jacket.  It's not easy to see in the photos, but both slightly kimono in their style, and both silky and utterly gorgeous, from River Island - somewhere I haven't shopped since I was a teen.  The kind of thing you throw on & it transforms an outfit.

Mum's got the pink & black one at her house, I've got the (much cheaper) blue one at my house.  I plan on wearing the blue one with jeans & vest ALOT!!! And the pink one is going with Mum on her holiday.  I can't wait to wear that for an evening out with some simple black trousers.

If we're being kind I'd say I have a voluptous figure, or basically, I'm plump with large bust & hips but thankfully still have a smaller waist, so 1950's hourglass silhouettes flatter me most.  That means that clothes are rather hard to find as not many companies make clothes for my shape anymore. 

So I was quite surprised by how nice these looked on me, I was elated in fact!

Do you have a clothing item which surprised you with it's flattery? x


  1. i love the blue one so much! the pattern is perfect! i am often surprised when trying things on. i have gotten into the habit of trying things on that i may not like at first glance and those are the ones that usually look really great on!

  2. I definitely need to follow your example - I put so many things back when I should try them as you never know :) xox


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