Thursday, 29 September 2011

Marvellous marrow

Ok, so you kind of had to see it to believe it, and I'm sure there are bigger ones out there, but this is the biggest marrow I've ever seen...

and the needle on the scales went all the way round before it stopped here, so that's over 6kg!

Mum also managed one fig from her tree

sadly, depite having many figs on our tree, ours never quite ripen (not enough sunshine!!!).

Mum's going to be using that marrow for a while - now what can she make... soups, stews, frittatas... x

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Things I'm liking - Autumn

Here are some of the things I'm liking for Autumn...

Love this cute DOTD fabric from Michael Miller

Michael Miller - Bonehead in grey

I've never come across such cute cotton spool buttons, especially for craft projects...

eternal maker

and this mini button box with the infamous Singer sewing machine is a fab gift for crafters

I just love these glass apple & pear from Next

and these fab Moose firelighters would look fab on the mantlepiece ready for the woodburner - they also release a lovely autumnal scent while they burn


and I don't know about you, but Autumn just screams comfort food, which includes pastry & biscuits, so these British Isles cutters would be fab


some good old chestnut roasting on the fire

cox & cox
 and I saw this some time ago now, but it is perfect for this time of year & 'back-to-school'

cox & cox
LOVE Autumn! x

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Owl fabric

It's lovely, owls are everywhere right now, perhaps because it's Autumn, and I've come across these yummy owl fabrics, which can be bought online at fabricrehab and seamstar (christmas ones)...

bright owl cream

critter community owls

folk art owls & doves

folk art owls & doves

folk art red owl

kokka owls red grey

owl & apple

witchy stitch owl

and how about these for Christmas?

ho ho hoot - (I just LOVE this)

tis the season to hoot
So cute!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Christmas crafting planning

Ok, so now it's offically Autumn, I don't feel so bad about the title of this post.  Even my Mum is talking about what we're going to do this year food wise!

So, I'm not going overboard, but rather planning ahead craft-wise as I hope, once again, to be making a good deal of my Christmas pressies for family & friends.

In addition to the scarves I'm knitting, another thing I'm making are fabric wallets & book bags; so I've got some yummy new fabric for them...

this lovely haberdashy label fabric for my fabric technician sister-in-law

Lecien - nifty thrift dry goods fabric

this scrumptious pink glitter skull fabric for my emo niece (funky, but pretty!)

Kokka - Crossbones pink oxford
 and these deliciously fun fabrics for my other girly-girl niece

Urban zoologie - little monkey, scottie dogs, ladybird spring, love hearts
I've already started to cut the pieces to mix & match for the wallets, just need to get some thin elastic cord & I can get sewing!  I'm so excited about it; fun fabrics are just that! x

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Renegade Handmade London is approaching

and how cool that it's an owl!

Sadly I've come to the realisation that's there's no way I can attend this first one in the UK and I'm very sad about this, but with train fare being so expensive & naturally, you have to have lots of moola to be able to spend, we've just had a large bill fixing the car (boo!) so there's no way I can afford it.

I hope it's a great success & wish everyone involved all the best, fingers crossed it's just the start for Renegade UK. x

Friday, 23 September 2011

Knit one

or two, or three.

I've been making scaves as gifts recently & took my knitting needles on holiday.  There's a great wool/craft shop nearby called 'Elizabeths' and I found some lovely wool by Rico.  I always have to feel the wool as a lot of wool mixes feel scratchy to me.  The one I used was Rico Baby in Petrol (teal really) - this one's for my sister-in-laws birthday as it's her favourite colour right now...

To make this scarf, which wraps round & hangs longish with the tassels, I only needed (less than) 2 balls of wool, making it economical too as this wool is less than £3 a ball & super soft. When we got home I wasted no time in ordering more in other colours, choosing red, purple & redbrown to start...

the photo doesn't show the colours at all well - the one of the far left is actually a lovely russet brown, and the middle is a dark purple!

I've already made the red scarf for my friend's birthday this weekend which I hope she'll like;

and I've started using the redbrown to make a 'fitted' scarf (no idea what they're really called) - ie  the scarf is wider, then twisted & the ends sewn together - there's alot of them in the shops right now & they're very cute.

I already plan on getting more wool as I think they're a lovely gift, hopefully everyone else will too. Hope you enjoy your weekend. x

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Suffolk goodies

It was an amazing find-filled week in Suffolk.  It was our 14th wedding anniversary whilst we were there and we went to Ipswich that day for the first time, and using their great park & ride made it so easy.  So with Ipswich in addition to the usual shops we brought ALOT home...

fab oil painting - from charity shop (& marked down too)
This gorgeous chair was just what I'd been looking for, for my crafting desk - it's so comfy & looks fab by the desk

this lovely little palm tree marcasite brooch was only £3 & I couldn't resist!

I went back to the antique warehouse & bought more 50p buckles...

Whilst in one of the neighbouring villages, food shopping, we noticed a craft fair was on at the village hall, so in we went & fell in love with these cute hand stitched greeting cards...

there was also a lovely elderly lady there selling fabric, and I bought one piece of tweed from her at a bargain price of £3, and after leaving the hall, Hubby persuaded me to go back and buy more!  So I did, and she insisted on giving me a large piece of lining satin (bless her) so I insisted on giving her something for it! (could have been there all day, seriously)

I hope to use these tweeds to make handbags, at least that's the plan, just need the right pattern (or make one).

This Ladybird book is in perfect condition & has such fab 50s-era pictures


I found lots of yummy maps in another charity shop, including these

and these fabulous ones from old National Geographics, circa 1940s

In another shop we found this 1930s wooden toy, in pristine condition, which I hope to cut & make into brooches

And I found audio book after audio book - in one charity shop alone I came away with 2 cd books & 5 others on cassette!


Over the week, Hubby found LOTS of music, both cds and vinyl, I think he brought back at least 30 albums (including some jazz for me)!

As you can see it was an amazing find-filled weekend! And ALL complete bargains - I'm amazed, I truly am! x

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What a couple of weeks

it's been!  We had a great week off in Suffolk, but since then I've had awful persistant headaches & now I've pulled something in my back so am hobbling round!  Needless to say I've been trying to get myself better.

Thank you for the lovely comments whilst I was at the coast, and it's been great catching up with everyone's own posts too.

Any hoo, back to the week off.  We had a great week, both relaxing and also doing lots of vintage foraging, and needless to say we came back with lots of great charity shop & antique shop finds, which I'll post about tomorrow.

There's a lovely beachside path walk into the next village Thorpeness, it's very open & rather wild, it being a protected piece of beach as it's covered in rare plants and birds. 

brand new modern home on the shore

It was SOOOOOO windy it made the going difficult, but we stopped for a '99' and that made the walk back easier :D

The weather was wet and windy all week, but it gave us a rainbow :)

and the young seagulls were out in force (wanting our fish and chips - which they didn't get from us let me tell you!)

We even saw a freight train, heading to Sizewell (nuclear station) - which might not sound like much (yep, it really doesn't, ha ha) but warrented a photo as we've been over this trainline soooo many times & were convinced it wasn't used - but here it was, the train stopping, someone getting off and opening the gates to let it through

and this awesome fig tree was covered in figs & over 10 feet high, I've never seen one so large in the UK

We had a lovely quiet week with no phones, internet or satellite tv!  Finds tomorrow x