Monday, 26 September 2011

Christmas crafting planning

Ok, so now it's offically Autumn, I don't feel so bad about the title of this post.  Even my Mum is talking about what we're going to do this year food wise!

So, I'm not going overboard, but rather planning ahead craft-wise as I hope, once again, to be making a good deal of my Christmas pressies for family & friends.

In addition to the scarves I'm knitting, another thing I'm making are fabric wallets & book bags; so I've got some yummy new fabric for them...

this lovely haberdashy label fabric for my fabric technician sister-in-law

Lecien - nifty thrift dry goods fabric

this scrumptious pink glitter skull fabric for my emo niece (funky, but pretty!)

Kokka - Crossbones pink oxford
 and these deliciously fun fabrics for my other girly-girl niece

Urban zoologie - little monkey, scottie dogs, ladybird spring, love hearts
I've already started to cut the pieces to mix & match for the wallets, just need to get some thin elastic cord & I can get sewing!  I'm so excited about it; fun fabrics are just that! x


  1. yay hand made gifts! i love the little skull fabric! this year if i can get my act together, i really want to make a recipe book and album of all my grandmothers yucantan recipes <3 i gotta get on it!

  2. that sounds awesome honey & so special being your grandmother's recipes, definitely try if you have time, it'd be well received I'm sure xox


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