Thursday, 1 September 2011

Fabulous 50s fabric

We're taking some time off over the next couple of weeks, including another trip to Suffolk, for a whole week which we've never managed before. It does mean no internet though. We don't even have freeview tv down there yet :) and it's even nigh impossible to get a mobile signal. Well, it's all rather nice really, properly getting away from it all!  But hopefully lots of charity shops finds and lovely walks.  So posts will be sparse over the next week or so, but I should have lots to tell.

Any hoo, I've completely fallen in love with Villa Nova's new fabric line High Society, and more specifically, their "Tea at the Ritz" print of lovely 50's ladies. It comes in 6 delicious sherbert colours too...







It's supposed to be a furnishing fabric, but I just one of the adverts I've seen for it that uses the berry and pear ones to make full 50s skirts.  Gorgeous! x


  1. so glad you will be getting away from it all! you deserve a break from the grind. it will be really nice just to relax with your and the hubby. so happy for you! wish i could go off the grid for a couple weeks! sounds heavenly! have awesome time!!

  2. thanks honey, cannot wait for the chilling to kick in! catch up with you soon xox


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