Thursday, 8 September 2011

Hollywood Magazine Adverts - part 2, skincare and bath

Following on from the makeup and hair product adverts, here are some fab ads from the film magazine of the 50s...

 this dental ad could almost be from today from the technical side of things!
Yes, let's smile - it's your duty you know!

Hmmm, not sure the "toilet soap" would be a great marketing ploy these days...

ugly tartar

Schoolgirl complexion all over - really? Bit creepy really...

Poor girl does look miserable, but Oral Offences? hee hee

Apparently men only remember what your hands feel like - although I suppose they used to what with all that hand kissing

Food ads next time. x


  1. ads back then are so hilarious, soften blackheads?, why am i a wallflower? hehe cant wait to see the food ads!


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