Friday, 23 September 2011

Knit one

or two, or three.

I've been making scaves as gifts recently & took my knitting needles on holiday.  There's a great wool/craft shop nearby called 'Elizabeths' and I found some lovely wool by Rico.  I always have to feel the wool as a lot of wool mixes feel scratchy to me.  The one I used was Rico Baby in Petrol (teal really) - this one's for my sister-in-laws birthday as it's her favourite colour right now...

To make this scarf, which wraps round & hangs longish with the tassels, I only needed (less than) 2 balls of wool, making it economical too as this wool is less than £3 a ball & super soft. When we got home I wasted no time in ordering more in other colours, choosing red, purple & redbrown to start...

the photo doesn't show the colours at all well - the one of the far left is actually a lovely russet brown, and the middle is a dark purple!

I've already made the red scarf for my friend's birthday this weekend which I hope she'll like;

and I've started using the redbrown to make a 'fitted' scarf (no idea what they're really called) - ie  the scarf is wider, then twisted & the ends sewn together - there's alot of them in the shops right now & they're very cute.

I already plan on getting more wool as I think they're a lovely gift, hopefully everyone else will too. Hope you enjoy your weekend. x


  1. who wouldn't love a handmade scarf made from love! it is the perfect shade of red too! i really want to crochet a hat but i find myself doing other would be so much fun to make a fox hat!

  2. a fox hat sounds incredible! I'm still having some difficulty with crochet, but knitting is FUN! xox


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