Saturday, 3 September 2011


You may not be surprised to know that I LOVE lavender.  Adore it, the scent, the colours,it's wonderful healing properties, well everything about it really.  We have a couple of lavender bushes in our garden which I cut and dry each year.  Then have the laborious and sore-to-hands job of separating the buds to use in craft projects and bath salts I make.

My mum planted a border of gorgeous, dark lavender, and last week spent some happy time in the garden cutting some back; so I've been the lucky recipient of my first batch of the year...

thanks Mum x

It's now drying upside down in a dark cupboard; I then store the buds in a large glass jar ready for use.

You can almost smell it can't you? x


  1. are you going to make more of your little satchels? i love mine so much!!

  2. i love your little heart of lavendar that you made for me. it is so special and i keep it in my craft room:)


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