Thursday, 29 September 2011

Marvellous marrow

Ok, so you kind of had to see it to believe it, and I'm sure there are bigger ones out there, but this is the biggest marrow I've ever seen...

and the needle on the scales went all the way round before it stopped here, so that's over 6kg!

Mum also managed one fig from her tree

sadly, depite having many figs on our tree, ours never quite ripen (not enough sunshine!!!).

Mum's going to be using that marrow for a while - now what can she make... soups, stews, frittatas... x


  1. yes that thing is HUGE! she is going to b eating that for some time. maybe make some bread with cinnamon and chocolate? hmmm that sounds yummy!

  2. This is a mega marrow! Stuffed marrow with sausagemeat is quite nice too! Kerry xx

  3. thanks for the fab suggestions lovelies, they've been passed to Mum who's very grateful xox


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