Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What a couple of weeks

it's been!  We had a great week off in Suffolk, but since then I've had awful persistant headaches & now I've pulled something in my back so am hobbling round!  Needless to say I've been trying to get myself better.

Thank you for the lovely comments whilst I was at the coast, and it's been great catching up with everyone's own posts too.

Any hoo, back to the week off.  We had a great week, both relaxing and also doing lots of vintage foraging, and needless to say we came back with lots of great charity shop & antique shop finds, which I'll post about tomorrow.

There's a lovely beachside path walk into the next village Thorpeness, it's very open & rather wild, it being a protected piece of beach as it's covered in rare plants and birds. 

brand new modern home on the shore

It was SOOOOOO windy it made the going difficult, but we stopped for a '99' and that made the walk back easier :D

The weather was wet and windy all week, but it gave us a rainbow :)

and the young seagulls were out in force (wanting our fish and chips - which they didn't get from us let me tell you!)

We even saw a freight train, heading to Sizewell (nuclear station) - which might not sound like much (yep, it really doesn't, ha ha) but warrented a photo as we've been over this trainline soooo many times & were convinced it wasn't used - but here it was, the train stopping, someone getting off and opening the gates to let it through

and this awesome fig tree was covered in figs & over 10 feet high, I've never seen one so large in the UK

We had a lovely quiet week with no phones, internet or satellite tv!  Finds tomorrow x


  1. sooo glad you had a great week and i am sending you healing thoughts for your poor back and brains! you poor thing! i hope you heal very very soon. missed you!!!

  2. thanks honey, just need some more rest I guess! missed you too, but it's fun catching up! xox


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