Friday, 7 October 2011

Beautiful crafting tins

You may remember last year's post about some lovely biscuit tins I bought from the Christmas range at Marks and Spancers to keep craft supplies in.  Well I've done the same again this year, M&S have again got some fab tins, these are the ones which now hold more supplies (and of course Hubby's enjoying the biscuits!) ...

now holding my maps

full of stamps

they also have lots of other cute ones which I've managed to leave on the shelf... so far...

... so far :D

Have a fabulous weekend; hopefully we're seeing friends (if they're all better). x


  1. wow you have self restraint! tom and i would have finished those months ago...two sugar feigns in one house is not a good thing..hehe
    tins are so cute, what are you using the empty ones for?

  2. hee hee, Hubby's certainly making an effort with the biscuits :D
    I've filled the large tin with my vintage maps & the other is now full of vintage stamps (both used for jewellery), not only foes it keep everything sorted, but looks so pretty! xox


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