Monday, 10 October 2011

Christmas crafting - book bags

I'm still trying to get Christmas pressies made whenever I can - I've already knitted a couple more scarves, and today I managed to finish several more book bags, some from the funky fabrics I got recently and some from cute tea towels...

Map tea towel

one for my niece with an internal pocket

a sewing-inspired-fabric one for my sister-in-law (who's a fabric technician)

 this one's made from an Australian Aborigine print tea towel

and another from a vintage glass-linen tea towel

I've also been working on some cute fabric wallets - will post the photos when they're completed

It's been so much fun! x


  1. you bags turned out so cute! what great presents sweetie!!!

  2. what a great idea! i've been working on making all my christmas presents too, but didn't think of these! happy monday!

  3. thanks lovelies, I'm one happy bunny :D xox


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