Tuesday, 11 October 2011

More Owls galore

Even more owls!  Yes, it seems to be the year for them, finally the shops are realising how much we all love them & how cute they are!

These are from Graham & Green...

super cute owl cushions

This owl vase is oh so chic & cute!

and more style with this beautiful lamp

and M&S have these cute led owl lights

they also have these - chocolatey owls, yum!

and from Anthropologie.eu, more owl wallpaper

and very cute drawer pulls

Just fabulous! x


  1. why are owls so cute! there was a bar in the city that was called the owl barn and it was sooo awesome! owl stuff everywhere. the owner died and then the new owner kept the name but got rid of all that owl stuff, i was so pissed i didn't get any of it!!!!!!

  2. oh man, I bet that was cool before it changed ownership; they could have at least given the owl stuff to an owl-fancier! xox


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