Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Christmas gift ideas 4

Here are a few more Christmas gift ideas:

... for the crafters in your life, Bright as a Button Soaps


The Habdash Box

Seam Star

and the Fabric Hamper
Seam Star

these great wooden post holders from Muji - you could even decorate them if you wanted to.

New York...


or London...


for the Chef in the family - an OCD chef chopping board :)

For the bird-lover in your family, Emma Bridgewater's fabulous Robin mug candles
Emma Bridgvewater

Robin doorstop

and if you're always stepping on bits of Lego, how about this huge Lego head storage box


Friday, 25 November 2011

Christmas crafting - table runners

Another Christmas crafting session recently.

My Mum really wants some Christmas table runners so I offered to make her some from some of her patchworking fabric.

I actually made two the same size to go across her table (mine's wider) as that's what she wanted...

 I'm going to put the instructions on how to make this on my 'Makes' page shortly. x

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Christmas gift ideas 3

More delicious goodies for Christmas...

these sumo skittles from Muji are awesome - we've got two sets to give as pressies :)


these Russian Dolls are actually lip balms
Totally Funky

Home-made biscuit stamp

Cookie "Home Made" Stamp by Velvet Brown

Love this cute ceramic speech bubble magnet

Cox & Cox

Stocking filler - graffiti badges

Cox & Cox

Bee jewellery

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Puppy delight

We're getting a doggy!  Both Hubby & I have had family dogs growing up, but have never really thought about it before seriously.  It's all happened rather quickly, but hopefully by Saturday we'll have him.  He's the brother of Betsy, the little cocker spaniel I posted about a month or so ago (Puppy Love).  His name is Dusty and if it's possible he's even cuter than she is!

We spent the afternoon with him on Saturday and just fell in love with him instantly; we'd been thinking about it all week previously trying to decide if it was the right thing, but we knew as soon as we saw him.

We now have some things to sort for him before my Uncle brings him to us, but we've been to the pet shop tonight & got the basics for him. 

I kept trying to take a photo of him but he wouldn't keep still long enough ...

so this is the best I have so far...

He's black with a white stripe on his chest, and a brownish tinge to his coat when the light hits him.  My uncle has kindly given us an old kennel which really helps us, just got to disinfect it & give it a lick of wood paint.  Hubby's got to put up some fencing so he's got an area outside to play; then he can come to live with us, yay! x

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Christmas gift ideas 2

Some more Christmas gift ideas.

Fab art prints...
a 'Bridget Jones sentiment' - The Gifted Penguin

East of India print - The Gifted Penguin

classic British puddings - The Gifted Penguin

for the book-lover in your life

this book belongs to - Cox & Cox

I just love this - a personalised stamp of your home (this one's on my list)...

Personalised House Portrait Stamp by Bloomfield & Rolfe

and a fab idea, whether you're a child, or a child-at-heart

Doodle duvet - Cox & Cox
and of course, some lovely owls...


and these little guys actually hold hand cream!
Totally Funky
More to come. x

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Christmas crafting - stocking

Amongst my Mum's patchwork fabric boxes she'd started several Christmas projects but never finished them.  I found this fab patchwork stocking piece she'd done, so decided to finish it...

I added a pretty red & silver embroidered ribbon to enable me to hang it up but also tie it to the end of the bed. x

Monday, 14 November 2011

Weekend craft fair goodies

This weekend we attended a large local craft fair that a work colleague had told me about that she takes part in.  Despite it being in the next village, we'd never heard about it before this.  It was full of wonderful crafts-people and we had fun walking round the school and seeing all the different tables.

We brought home some lovely Christmas gifts and some delicious cupckes

carrot, vanilla, lemon & chocolate

this wonderful print for my father-in-law, from a local artist depicting a local scene but in the 1950s

this beautiful vase, from a local crafts-couple, is for my mother-in-law's birthday

and these pretty religious glass ornaments are for my mum

My colleague is trying to persuade me to join them next year; I'm thinking about it, although, in addition to the table fee they also take 10% of your takings & it's an all day event, so we'll see.

A great trip out! x

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Christmas decorations & entertaining

Time to think about the decorating, cards, entertaining & the like too...

I love anything acorn, and these baubles are just lovely

Cox & Cox
 very cute bauble place name holders

Cox & Cox
 lovely birdies
Cox & Cox

these snowflake biscuit cutters are so delicate, but look delicious...

Cox & Cox
 and Christmas cards, owls of course


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! x

Friday, 11 November 2011

Christmas owl ornaments

Last year I posted some gorgeous owl decorations from the V&A.  Well, this year, look what I've found...

they're from Matalan and only £3 for all three.  I'm sold! x

Thursday, 10 November 2011

She & Him

I already knew Zooey Deschanel had an awesome voice as I love the Christmas movie Elf so much; I've also heard a few She & Him tracks (her band with M.Ward), but I've just received my copy of their Christmas album, in red vinyl no less (how Christmassy) "A Very She & Him Christmas".

It's fantastic, perhaps what I'd class as lounge music, including family favourite Christmas songs along with slightly more obscure ones which are very catchy.  A perfect addition to your Christmas music collection & I can't stop playing it. x

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Autumn garden

Now that the leaves are falling rapidly there hasn't been much colour in the garden, so we decided we better put some back.  It now has a few pots of eye catching colour & pretty flowers, the yellow especially just looks so cheerful, hopefully they'll last for a while...

and I just managed to catch on film this little guy as he enjoyed some berries


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Christmas crafting - lavender hanging sachets

Another Christmas crafting session ended with these hanging felt lavender sachets...

They smell delicious & by adding the ribbons these ones can be hung in wardrobes; I know my Mum will like them :) x

Friday, 4 November 2011

Hollywood Magazine Adverts - part 3, food and advice

Hee, hee, more delightful adverts from the movie magazines, this time food ads

and food advice, for packed lunches...

yep they're my problem - just not in the way they mean :D

and also some 'advice'...

Applying a wax to remove the lifeless, withered skin - what are they suggesting skin looks like at the end of every day!

Hmm, one little berry night & morning, so THAT'S all it takes - who knew?

Hmmml, I'm really not sure about this one at all!  Talk about showing it's age, I mean, really, "every woman subconsciously "dresses" to please the opposite sex", I don't think so!

Another look into the bizarre world it used to be.  Wonder if in 50 years they'll be saying the same thing about us? Painkillers next time. x