Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Autumn garden

Now that the leaves are falling rapidly there hasn't been much colour in the garden, so we decided we better put some back.  It now has a few pots of eye catching colour & pretty flowers, the yellow especially just looks so cheerful, hopefully they'll last for a while...

and I just managed to catch on film this little guy as he enjoyed some berries



  1. your pots are so pretty! which reminds me that i need to weed again and maybe get some sand to cover the ground to maybe kill some of those weeds! i hate WEEDING! worst part of having a garden!

  2. thank you - those pots were 'inherited' from mum when we left our chalet in Wales, so they're a lovely reminder of the seaside. Weeds, ugh! I usually try to persuade Hubby that he loves weeding :D xox


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