Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Christmas crafting - lavender hanging sachets

Another Christmas crafting session ended with these hanging felt lavender sachets...

They smell delicious & by adding the ribbons these ones can be hung in wardrobes; I know my Mum will like them :) x


  1. another great idea! i have to tell you, i've gotten 50 million compliments on my wallet!!! i love it so much, thanks again!!!

  2. i love the idea that you added the ribbon so they can hang. i love mine so much and it still smells so lovely!

  3. camille - I'm so pleased it reached you & you love it, you're so welcome :) x

    cb - I have some proper embroidered lavender bags in my wardrobe so it occurred to me it might be a good idea for the hearts :), I'm so pleased yours still smells yummy xox


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