Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Christmas crafting - scarves

The Christmas crafting continues :D

I'm still busy knitting scarves & also wrist warmers for a couple of people.  I've also made a couple of "no-knit" scarves which are made by cutting lengths of wool, bunching them together and knotting them alternately.  Simple perhaps, but I'm very pleased with the results...

I used Rowan Romance wool with some sparkle in it, though the photos don't really show it fully.

And some more in the super soft Rico baby classic I've used before

purple & navy
Still lots more to do, working on a kelly green one right now & still got some wrist warmers & another scarf to do.  Loving every minute of it though! x


  1. are those knotted? it looks really cool! you are well ahead of the game sweetie! i feel like i am gonna drowned this year! but sshhh i have been bringing projects to work and doing a bit...don't tell! hehehe

  2. hee hee, I won't tell :D
    Yes, knotted, soooo easy to do, but they look really nice, & slightly different, on. I've still got so much to do, but it's such fun xox


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