Friday, 4 November 2011

Hollywood Magazine Adverts - part 3, food and advice

Hee, hee, more delightful adverts from the movie magazines, this time food ads

and food advice, for packed lunches...

yep they're my problem - just not in the way they mean :D

and also some 'advice'...

Applying a wax to remove the lifeless, withered skin - what are they suggesting skin looks like at the end of every day!

Hmm, one little berry night & morning, so THAT'S all it takes - who knew?

Hmmml, I'm really not sure about this one at all!  Talk about showing it's age, I mean, really, "every woman subconsciously "dresses" to please the opposite sex", I don't think so!

Another look into the bizarre world it used to be.  Wonder if in 50 years they'll be saying the same thing about us? Painkillers next time. x

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