Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Puppy delight

We're getting a doggy!  Both Hubby & I have had family dogs growing up, but have never really thought about it before seriously.  It's all happened rather quickly, but hopefully by Saturday we'll have him.  He's the brother of Betsy, the little cocker spaniel I posted about a month or so ago (Puppy Love).  His name is Dusty and if it's possible he's even cuter than she is!

We spent the afternoon with him on Saturday and just fell in love with him instantly; we'd been thinking about it all week previously trying to decide if it was the right thing, but we knew as soon as we saw him.

We now have some things to sort for him before my Uncle brings him to us, but we've been to the pet shop tonight & got the basics for him. 

I kept trying to take a photo of him but he wouldn't keep still long enough ...

so this is the best I have so far...

He's black with a white stripe on his chest, and a brownish tinge to his coat when the light hits him.  My uncle has kindly given us an old kennel which really helps us, just got to disinfect it & give it a lick of wood paint.  Hubby's got to put up some fencing so he's got an area outside to play; then he can come to live with us, yay! x


  1. oh my goodness how exciting!!!! he looks so beautiful and tiny! pets are the best! they are always happy to see you and love you no matter what. congrats!!

  2. thanks honey, he's so sweet, I can't wait, or stop smiling :D xox


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