Thursday, 10 November 2011

She & Him

I already knew Zooey Deschanel had an awesome voice as I love the Christmas movie Elf so much; I've also heard a few She & Him tracks (her band with M.Ward), but I've just received my copy of their Christmas album, in red vinyl no less (how Christmassy) "A Very She & Him Christmas".

It's fantastic, perhaps what I'd class as lounge music, including family favourite Christmas songs along with slightly more obscure ones which are very catchy.  A perfect addition to your Christmas music collection & I can't stop playing it. x


  1. i need to look into this, can't wait for christmas!!

  2. me either, and it's a fab album :) x

  3. i have heard such great things about this album...i should check it out but for sure would get it in vinyl!


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